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Okay. Okay okay okay...I need to get my mind in order. Right now my brain is just a mess. I'm going to attempt to make my thoughts as organized as possible. I'm going to start at the beginning of the movie and make my way through as cleanly as possible.

-First off, I can</i>not</i> emphasize how incredibly, scrumptiously, shit-hot Neo looked in that half-length cassock at the beginning of the movie. It's definitely better than the long jacket that he seems to be obsessed with.

-Secondly, why am I not surprised that the Merovingian would hang out in a club like that?! I mean, did you see the sick fucks in there?

-The man that played Bane did an absolutely marvelous job portraying Smith. It was unbelievable. Every mannerism, down to the way he talked. Genius. Sheer unbelievable talent.

"I should have known he'd send his bitch first."

I could NOT believe he said that! I thought, holy shit...did Smith say bitch?! It was awesome.

-Why exactly did they kill of Trinity? Honestly...I saw no reason for that whatsoever, unless they did it just so she could have her long mushy speech. If that's the case, it was kind of a waste. I say this in harsh ways now, but yeah...I was pretty much crying my eyeballs out at that part. I mean, Neo lost his eyes, and Trinity. The only thing he had to live for was to save the rest of mankind. Now that he's saved it, he doesn't have his love to share his victory with him. He won't even be able to see anything unless it has electricity flowing through it.

Edit: Okay...I was just informed that Neo actually died. Is this true? They said at the end that they'd see him again...

-Morpheus. Now there is a man that was at first a huge source of strength for everyone. It was amazing to see his transition into vulnerability.

-I love how they portrayed the Mainframe as an omniscient god-like being.

-I really can't stand Locke.


What an amazing, spectacular death. We all knew it was going to happen, but at least it wasn't wimpy, and at least he gave Neo a fantastic ass-beating. I couldn't believe how psychotic he had become! The whole "I'm not so bad, once you get to know me" line was just sooooo much hotter knowing he was saying it to a child. I mean, it actually showed a small degree of tenderness...

*pants* do I even continue with this Smith topic? I have so much to say about all of it. Him. Them. He was actually afraid at the end. Once again, an amazing, dramatic transition from confidence and power, to a detached, vulnerable, rather mentally insane state.

However, I do believe that they could have done a better job explaining why Smith wanted everything destroyed. I don't understand why he felt the need to just eradicate everything to the point where there was nothing left. I suppose it had something to do with the fact that he had become insane.

And...did he call the Oracle MOM? I suppose she's considered every program's mom, but still...kick-ass.

His sarcasm escalated to an absolutely wonderful level. He was overdramatic, but it made for good effect. Now, I don't know if they intended for the whole slow-motion punch to his face (in which it became all blobbery and distorted) to be funny or not, but I couldn't help but stifle a giggle. Probably just more of the Wachowski Brothers live action version of anime.

Smith's ferocity just made him even more desirable. His evilness had gone up to an absolutely delicious degree. I couldn't believe my eyes when I (and he) thought he had won.

And why is it...that a wet, sarcastic, insane, psychotic, raging Smith that is capable of flying just SEXY?! My brain is going to explode.

Overall, the movie was completely amazing, and the only real problem I had with it was that the Mainframe agreed so quickly to peace. I suppose they knew that Smith was truly a large threat...but I thought they might attempt to find a solution of their own before entrusting a human with their future. At the end, I actually thought the walking feet of the Architect were Smith's...I thought he was in a white suit, ha ha ha. I wish. I think they could have also ended the story a little differently, maybe wrapping it up a little tighter with a little bit more reflection on Zion's perserverance and Neo's coping with the loss of Trinity and his eyes.

FOCK...that movie was exhausting, I feel like I just ran a mile. I need to just sit and think for awhile. I'll post more about this stuff when it comes to me, right now my head is completely unorganized.

I loved that goddamned movie.
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