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Fangirl Fandom

I first saw Agent Smith when I was seven years old. At that age I was very protected from such things as guns and major violence. I snuck in to see what my parents were watching, well they were watching the Matrix. He scared the shit out of me. I never touched the Matrix after that. Not until my friends dragged me to see Reloaded.

Since then I've written 73 stories of fanfiction. At least 55 of those Matrix. Most of them about Smith. I'm his ultimate fangirl. I wear a suit to school. I know his licsence plate, and what it's symbolizes. I have mermized all his speeches in each movie. All stories mostly inspired by him.

Please check them out, I want to grow up as a writer, so any review or feedback helps.

Here are my favorites that I've written:

Daddy's Little Girl:

Get Up:

Just Imagine:



The rest can be found here:

There's some stories on Spider-man at the top. Just scroll down, for the Smith goodness.

My name is Shadow, thankyou
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