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"Other Side" (known as Matrixagents.Net) site recently was updated with large amount of Matrix Fan Art and fanfics. Most of artworks and stories are agents-centered, and of course many of them are dedicated to Agent Smith, so I guess you guys could be interested in visiting us and viewing :)

For your pleasure...

(Matrix Fanfics - in english)
(all fics are PG-13)

Author: Shadow
"Just Imagine"
"Get Up"
"Only Human"

(Matrix Fan Art)
(all pics in main Matrix Fan Art gallery are G)

Author: Avium
"Anime-style agents"

Author: Agent Centinela

Author: Miss Monster
"Bleeding Smith"

Author: Natsumi Chan
"Agent Smith"

Author: Sariel Peredhil
"Chibi Smith"
"Anime-Styled Smith"
"Agents team"

Author: Selina
"A kiss of Agent Smith"
"Dodging Bullets"
"Furious Angel"
"True identity of Agent Smith"
"Lounging Smith"
"I'm not so bad once you get to know me"
"Suffer and dream"
"The Matrix Reinstalled"
"Smith - best served chilled"
"Group of Matrix characters"
"Sunday Smith"
"Smith`s Birthday"

Author: Shadow
"Agent Smith and Neo"
"Agent Smith"
"Me, me, me..."
"Smith, the One"

Author: Switch
"Agents" (Agent Brown and Agent Johnson)"
"Matrix/Hellsing crossover"
"Chibi Neo and Smiths"
"Agent Harconnen" (Matrix/Dune crossover)
and much more in "The Twins" sub-gallery (PG-13).

Author: Sophia
"Agent Smith"
"Agent Johnson"

Author: Tenebria
"Agent of the Matrix"
"Agent Smith"
"Agent Rain"

Author: Raptoe
"Agent Smith wallpaper"

Author: Vice

Author: Wynn
"Hug an agent! day"
"Smith in the rain"
"Agent Smith"
"Not a word!"

(Matrix Fan Art in PG13/R art gallery (registration required))

Author: Sariel Peredhil
"Probably inevitable"
"Black heart"

Author: Selina
"Smith in the bathtub"
"Sad Smith"
"Smith in the shower"
"Smith kissing"
"The grumpy Smith"
"Good morning, Smith"

Author: Switch
"Switch and The Twins"

We're always glad to host good agents-themed fanfiction and fan art (Smith is ex-agent, but he's always more than welcome!), het or slash, from G to NC-17 (but only high quality NC-17 fics will be posted =). Got some? Please come and submit, "Other Side" will be grateful :)
(Note that your "alternate" fanfics based at other fandoms, such as Lord of the Rings, will be welcome, too!)
And, just come to enjoy the site. We have one of largest Matrix Fan Art collections, together with lots of Matrix screenshots (Many Agents. Many Smiths! :)

Welcome to Other Side and feel at home! ;)

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